10sec video for Drug Hunt

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May 8th, 2013 11:52 am

Our video for the 10 Second Videos Compilation Project:

Drug Hunt is a crazy warioware-like (as players said) game, but on drugs.

In Drug Hunt, you are a junkie.
Your usual drug dealer will give you your favorite drug (or another one.. he’s too high anyway). Take it, and here comes your trip!

You’ll have to find out the adequate moment to use the only action your reduced brain could trigger, and get out of your trip before the overdose.


By the way, thank you guys for the comments, ratings, and sharing:

Ludum Dare 26 – Rad Game Roundup by SonnyBone:
Drug Hunt is like playing Wario Ware if Wario Ware were made by drug addicts and if Wario Ware was actually about BEING a drug addict. In other words, it’s fucking rad. Hey… come here. You wanna fly? The first play is free, man.

And also:
http://forum.canardpc.com/threads/78810-Ludum-Dare-26 (french)

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