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May 7th, 2013 12:55 am

Hi everybody,


To talk a little about my first LD compo experience, I will say it was hard but fun ^^

Hard because hours passed so quickly and if you don’t make the right choices, it’s bad. In my case, perhaps my first mistake was to work with Haxe I didn’t know very well. I am used to flash but Haxe has little differences I discovered during development. Secondly, before entering the LD, I was thinking of bitmap graphics and my tools were ready… and when I saw the theme I think vector graphics should be more appropriate so I changed to inkscape, discovering the software, swfmill and some problems when trying to import svg… if somebody knows about strange behaviors of bounding box when using swfmill converted svg, I am interested !

What I have learned here is choose and master your tools before entering LD !

Another hard point was trying to do something between 2D and 3D in flash from scratch. It was a little headache but I don’t know if it was a bad idea. To bring something innovative, you have to take some risk, that was mine.

Final point, it was very hard for me to find a great game design for the theme. I was not really inspired, I tried some freewriting and I’ve got some ideas but I’ve never had a great game design. I lost so much time on this, that was bad… I finally give up and finish a kind of game but as I already say, I am not satisfied of the result, it’s not really fun.


So, it was hard… but it was fun because you have to go to the essential and at the end of the week end you have something to show ! And even if it’s not finished, I think I found an interesting potential and I will try to develop a post ld game.

Thanks to all comments, I had some ideas to make a real game. Here they are and every comments are welcome:

  • first separate perception and concentration into two antagonist mecanics and try to maximise both to be able to find your keys. Concentration go down when there are pigeons and go up by clicking on pigeons. But pigeons are vicious, they appear in your back ! so you have to look around to find them. And the more you turn, the more you got the sick effect and the more your perception go down. When your perception go down, your vision is altered until you reach the abstract view where you can’t see pigeons anymore ! you have to rest and move slowly to recover perception…
  • when perception and concentration are high, you have a chance to find your keys in the grass by clicking on it. As soon as you looked into the chosen grass element, if you didn’t find them, pigeons are back and perception is altered, you will have to maximise gauge again to have another chance to find them. You have to remember where you look at before too.
  • more graphics and variations, a better screen ending with your keys as a reward !
  • music evolving with perception level: sinusoid waveform based music  for max perception, square waveform for abstract view for example.


It was really fun to participate to this event and to play with all the game you made. There are great entries, congratulations all !


Last point, I was thinking of publishing my timelapse, but I can’t see where I can do this on my entry page. Can somebody tell me how to do this ?
And  another question, where can you set your profile image ?

Sorry for my english level, hope you understand what I was saying here 😉
Have a nice day !

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