Ludum Dare 26 Games Browser!!

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May 7th, 2013 10:02 am

Hello everyone! I want to apologize for not rating more games. I’ll get on that shortly, but in the meantime I made something really cool to browse all the games from the last Ludum Dare, it’s (very descriptively) called the Ludum Dare 26 Games Browser. Check it out!

If you hover over the game you can get access to the game page, the author, how many votes they have and their coolness. Also you can click the download icon on the top left to get a list of all the game’s downloads. If you have any feature ideas tell me.


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16 Responses to “Ludum Dare 26 Games Browser!!”

  1. rogueNoodle says:

    That’s very cool -t hanks for putting this together. looks really interesting as well.

  2. Blinked says:

    Wow that’s really awesome!

  3. Sebastian says:

    This is a very nice way to browse the many LD entries, thanks a lot for taking the time to create this!

  4. JohnnySix says:

    Very cool! Nice work!

  5. RealyUniqueName says:

    this should be default entry browser for next LD. Except there should be no sorting until voting is finished.

  6. Jorjon says:

    Wow really useful. Where do you get the information about the coolness of every entry?

  7. Jorjon says:

    Also, I found that sometimes there are repeated entries when loading a bunch of games.

  8. Great! Except that is not live or does not update correctly. A lot of the stats seem to be many hours behind, whereas more than half have numbers that are well above the real stats (which is bizarre)… compare it to the real stats and you’ll see what I mean.

    • leafo says:

      Yes, it’s can be a few hours behind before updating, I don’t have direct access to the database so I periodically scrape the website. Can you give me an example of a game where the numbers are well above what they actually are.

  9. ddionisio says:

    Wow! You should get 300% coolness for this!

  10. Jacques_le_lezard says:

    Good job! It’s really more clear like that!
    But could you please add my game ( Cylinder ) in the Unity tab (I called it “Web” on my page but it’s full Unity 😉 Thanks!

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