BLOB: Post Mortem

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May 7th, 2013 10:58 am

My game does an HTTP-POST every time someone finishes a level, so I can analyze how people behave. It’s quite useful, as I can have live statistics of which level people quit on – I also gather some information about how many times people die on that level.

About half an hour ago, someone finished the game after having it open in their browser for more than two days. I have no idea who this person is, but that kind of behavior warms my heart. <3

So, I've decided that I will create a full-fledged game out of this entry; I've started a rewrite in C++. I'm going to give it all the polish and wrapping that you associate with "proper" games. And I'm going to sell it to everyone who wants to buy it.

Small post mortem:

What went right; Almost everything. Things just ‘clicked’ for me this time. ImpactJS is really easy to work with, HTML5 is nice – and I’ve been working a lot with javascript over the past year, so I’ve grown fond of the language. I’m not a wizard in the art department, but this is acceptable.

What went wrong; There are a few things I don’t like about my game. Those are:

* I should pause the game for 0.5 seconds when the player pushes the button – so the player is able to orient him/herself after rotation.

* I should introduce players to the gun more properly – several players miss the fact that you can shoot in this game.

* I should have made more levels – even though 15 levels is a quite proper amount for Ludum Dare, I feel I should have a few medium difficulty levels before the final few. I should also rearrange some of them. I’m afraid that the difficulty may cost me some points in the end, but that’s OK – I think there should be more challenging (but reasonable challenging) games out there; and that’s what I want to make.

* I should have juiced the game more. I’m happy with the particles, though!

Other than that, I’m pleased.

I made a time-lapse:

Oh, and if you wanna play it, you can do so at It’s a bit rage-inducing, but it’s def. possible to finish the game :)

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  1. Spacehunter says:

    Great game, I think I got to level 10..Curious to know why you decided to do a rewrite in c++? It appears that impactjs is quite capable of handling this type of game.

    • Kvisle says:

      Thank you! It’s because I want the rewrite to look quite different, and utilize a lot of OpenGL for its esthetics. I don’t think I can achieve the amount of polish that I wish with an ordinary canvas (while also retaining the performance I want).

      I also want to maintain a single codebase, while be able to run it on other platforms as well; Keeping the core of the game in C++ / GLES2-compatible code, will make it easy to keep updated on a broad set of platforms.

      I’m aiming for, in this order:

      * Linux
      * Windows
      * Google Native Client
      * Android
      * Mac OS X
      * IOS

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