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May 6th, 2013 3:10 pm

I have rate many games already. I also rated many Least ratings games (instead of the default). I see that those getting very low rates are because they have coolness 0, which means they didn’t rate any other game.

What surprises me is that some of them are wondering why they don’t get comments on their games.

As I saw dozens of games with coolness 0, I was wondering if any dev have the actual number of games in that state.

Is this a problem with communication? I mean, maybe those who made a game don’t know they have to rate others to get their game rated as well. Or is it simple laziness? Can we do something to motivate these little guys to start rating other games?

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  1. HeroesGrave says:

    The reason can be:

    A) Selfishness.
    B) Laziness.
    C) They were unable to vote for some reason.

    If A or B:
    If they miss the part that says they need to rate games to have a chance to get ratings, it means they were too lazy/selfish to have anything to do with the voting.

    Either way, they get what they deserve.

    If C:
    It is very unfortunate for them, but there is nothing that could be done to avoid such a situation.

    In the end, it all works out perfectly.

  2. someone says:

    My graph says that currently 330 people have 0 coolness. (545 with less the 5)

  3. Spiridios says:

    There are a lot of 0 coolness folks out there (over 10% by someone’s count), so there’s bound to be more than one reason. On the ratings and submission pages there’s a message explaining that you need to rate in order to place. So it’s bound to be people not completely reading the rules, people not caring, or people just not having time.

    If they don’t care, then there’s nothing to be done.

    If they don’t have the time, there’s also nothing to be done. Time is a luxury not everyone has. Be happy they managed to squeeze out enough time to join in the LD craziness.

    Now, if they didn’t read the rules, you can point it out. You can’t really make the rules jump out at them any more than they do (well you could, but it would be annoying to the rest of us). It’s probably an honest mistake on their part, and when you notice people asking honestly answer them “You need to rate to be rated.” That’s where you find out if they really care or if they made an honest mistake.

    BTW, good for you for browsing the lowest rated games. It does get a little depressing when you come across a game that is all but abandoned and the developer isn’t responding to the dozen messages about their link being broken. But there is some deserving stuff down there too.

  4. sorceress says:

    No doubt some people will treat this like the GGJ: They come here for 48h, make something, and move on. They may not be interested in games being rated.

  5. sfernald says:

    Yeah, it would be sad if the best game in the compo was lost and unrated though.

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