Time repartition of a successful realization

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May 5th, 2013 7:45 am

Hi there ! For once, I finished and polished completly my entry. All went well, and I’m satisfied by what I did. Whether it’s really good or not will be your judging, but since I had nothing wrong during the 48h, I decided to analyse my timelapse to make some stats about time repartition between the different tasks.
You may want to know that my game emphasis narration (so there are lot of scripting) and is illustrated with normal mapped pixel art (which is a bit longer than classic pixel art to handle).

Timelapse analysis
Time starting task duration
04:00 sleeping 03:14
07:14 Idea 03:06
10:20 conception 00:44
11:04 coding 01:36
12:40 lunch 02:10
14:50 coding 06:10
21:00 diner 00:28
21:28 coding 02:30
23:58 sleeping 06:42
06:40 coding 03:20
10:00 graphics 02:48
12:48 lunch 00:20
13:08 graphics 03:52
17:00 polish 01:08
18:08 music 01:27
19:35 polish + sounds 01:43
21:18 Relaxing
Here is a description of how I managed pause time/work time. For time repartition in the projet itself, jump to the second table below.

Competition starts at 4:00am in France (A bit early) so I prefer to complete my sleeping night and start at 7am.

I took 2 pauses in the first day for lunches, I had the chance to have my parents at home this week and they offered and prepared me the food !! I shared some thime with them, 2 and 1 hours breaks were just good, not too long but enough.I need a lot of sleep and the 6:30 hours long night was just mandatory. Could not be shorter to keep efficiency to the best !

Time repartition Data and Graph

Long live the king - Time repartion

The total is 42h05 instead of 48h because I finished and posted the game 6 hours before the deadline. As you can see, almost 1/3 of the time is kept for sleeping and taking pauses !

If I remove sleep and pauses, the remaining 29h11 are divided this way : Coding (47%), Graphics (23%), Searching idea (11%), Polish (9%), Music (5%), Souds (3%), Conception (2%). Level design and some conception are included in Coding because it was really done in the same time. I did not really had phases were I needed to work level designs only (because of the narrative nature of the game).

Of course, if you did not tried it already, I invite you to play my entry : Long live the King !

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  1. Mad man! That is sooo over the top complete. If I kept this kind of info for my studio…

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