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May 5th, 2013 6:51 am

First, I would like to thanks everyone for playing my game and for the all the constructive comments! I really appreciate the feedback.

It’s almost unanimous that the game very difficult. I was afraid that might happen. This is, in part, due to being the first time I enter LD, and to me just wanting to get something working and ready to release at the deadline.

A couple more thoughts:

  1. Alternative control methods. Initially I had several ideas: keyboard, mouse with some sort of drag action (like dragging a slider to adjust amp, freq) or just reacting to mouse movement. I tried coding some of these quickly, but the first I got working decently was the one that made it into the game; my focus was on finishing *something* first and then optimizing later if I had time.
  2. Level creation. This is a task I had never made before. So I just created levels by playing kind of randomly on a blank level, recording the path, and then placing obstacles around that path to force that particular solution. Probably it would have been a better idea to design the levels from the point of view of someone playing the game for the first time. I had 3 initial levels (2,4,6) and then, by Sunday night when I was playtesting, I had forgotten the exact solutions and realized they could be really tricky even for me. So I created another 3 easier ones (1,3,5). Maybe these are still too hard :)

For the next LD competition, I need to improve this:

  • if I try an original mechanic, I should reserve more time for getting the gameplay right, experimenting with the controls and other settings to tune it into a balanced experience.
  • or stick to a tested mechanic, so I don’t need so much effort into tuning it correctly.

Anyway, here’s a video of how to beat all levels:

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