Question: How do you rate mood?

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May 5th, 2013 9:36 am

Just throwing a question for everyone out there. I have my own answer, but I was wondering if it is the right one afterall.

How do you rate mood? Can you give some examples of high mood and low mood games?


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5 Responses to “Question: How do you rate mood?”

  1. artctrl says:

    It’s very much a personal thing. I enjoy games that tell a great story with characters, and a world I can imagine. This is why books are so damn great.

  2. messiano says:

    I understand it as “atmosphere”. If it sets a good atmosphere/mood/emotion, then I rate if highly for mood.

  3. sorceress says:

    For me, Mood is a measure of how emotionally captivating the experience is. Art, sound, pace and story are usually the most important factors. But if I find a game boring, then it won’t be emotionally captivating, no matter the quality of it’s art/sound/etc.

    High mood games tend to be those I can enjoy as a passive experience, without necessarily playing the way I’m supposed to.

  4. LTyrosine says:

    I understand it as “atmosphere”[2]

  5. Jorjon says:

    My game was regarded as having a nice atmosphere, maybe it can be an example of good mood.

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