Games I cannot play…

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May 5th, 2013 7:38 am

Silly question: when rating a game, it says:

If you can’t run this entry, please leave a comment saying so and explaining why. Do not score unrunnable entries.

So, if I cannot run a game, am I supposed to:

  1. Leave the scores blank and explain why I could not run the game in the Comments (non-anonymous) box right under the ratings table
  2. Or leave a comment in the Comments section at the bottom of the page?

There are 2 comments boxes in the same page and I don’t think the instructions are very clear…

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  1. caranha says:

    Use the box at the bottom of the page – that leaves a comment without marking the game as “rated”.

  2. Cosmologicon says:

    I use the top one if I don’t think I’ll be able to get it working later. This removes it from my queue so it doesn’t keep showing up when I search for games. Pretty sure it doesn’t affect their rating numbers if you leave every rating blank.

  3. I use the top box, because as I understand it any of the categories that you don’t actually rate (or click N/A) won’t actually count against the contestant when it comes time to total up the ratings.

    Also, when you don’t have a Windows machine, and your entire page is full of entries you can’t run, you don’t really have a choice. Only commenting in that top box will get the entry off your screen so you can keep rating more.

  4. Spiridios says:

    I’m with Cosmologicon – if the reason I can’t rate is unlikely to be fixed, I enter in the top box with N/As to remove it from my queue. If I think it’s an easy fix (eg, bad link), then I use the bottom box so it’s still in my queue to rate once it’s fixed.

  5. f7f5 says:

    OK, good. I started using the top box, but then I noticed those games were showing in my “previously rated” list, and also some people were leaving comments on other games saying they couldn’t run them, so I was afraid that rating all N/As would somehow count against the game’s rating.

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