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May 5th, 2013 9:57 pm

So, I’ve got a few favorites from this competition. Oddly, they were mostly games I found on the very first day after submission, totally at random.

Staring Contest

Laugh all you want, but this game pretty much nails the theme. Say what you will about the technical achievement, but I think it’s probably my favorite entry from the entire competition so far.

Fair King

Another game where the simplicity really shines through, and a nice instance of a contestant stretching his comfort zone successfuly. The mobile version is a bit difficult to play, so stick with the desktop/laptop version.


Playing this one on my phone was a really interesting experience. I liked the thought of an old style terminal interface on my phone… which suddenly was overtaken by a mysterious being.


Judging by the screenshot you would think this to be a creepy entry, and in some ways it might be… but it’s also a really colorful and wonderful entry, that’s wrapped its colors up under a cloak. NEEDS HEADPHONES and is worth it!

Chez Angelou

While this one feels incomplete, and probably off-theme, I enjoyed its style and presentation. I enjoyed the “Catherine” reference at the bar. And I enjoyed the reference to the author’s previous LD entry in the framed portrait of the mediaval world. I hope there’s a sequel forthcoming!

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  1. EdoMiyamoto says:

    Wow thanks for noticing my game recursive frog ! As i received 100+ messages telling me to make the sequel/full story/full game i’m planning on doing it for real, like on steam or something, and giving free key to whoever had motivate me through this LD ! You will not be forgotten !

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