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May 4th, 2013 5:02 am


Okey, I have been playing 50 games so far, so I felt like doing a small highlight post to share my discoveries ! This is based on my own jugement, and doesn’t mean the games I’m not mentioning “suck” : they just didn’t hook me up as much as those ones.

So here we go !


IAO – Compo

Take the control of a line ended with two red dots. Rotate the line, hit the small “triangle” icons flying with your red dots while avoiding “line” icons, and voilà, you evolve into a triangle. Now, catch the “square” icons. Rince, repeat, evolve.

Minimal yet very interesting gameplay, rising challenge tho the game may be a bit too hard, simple but very elegant graphism (very nice particle effect on catching a symbol): it nailed the theme very well. What really impressed me tho is the jazzy tune, incredibly fitting the game. Plus it’s a web game so you have no excuse not to try it !


Unst – Compo

Click a square to make it move. Green square + red square = death. Fit the green squares in the center. That’s it. With clear rules, good feedbacks and well crafted tutorial levels, Unst seems to be impossible not to understand. I wondered if I could find any challenge.

Boy was I wrong. The game becomes really challenging, maybe even a bit too much as the level rises dramatically on “The chosen one” level, but that’s the point of a puzzle game : getting one’s mind challenged. Simple yet deep, add a tune, you’ve got it right.

Dock zone – Compo

So, you play some schoolgirl fleeing from the rise of a strange, abstract water while picking up pyramids with making plank-bridges. This game got some weird yet very enjoyable style, greatly helped by a very unique audio atmosphere, both calm and disturbing with resonating, dramatic-beat-like footsteps.

Gameplay-wise, the game works quite well, with numerous puzzle levels mostly playing on timing. While not sure about the “minimal” part, I really appreciated the whole lot.

Russian blob – Jam

Let’s start by a warning : the people who made this game are good friends of mine, coming from the same school. But quite frankly, I wish I didn’t know them, so I would appreciate even more the cheer quality of the game without feeling corporate.

There’s so many things right about this game I don’t even know where to start. The game idea is simple : a 2D platformer. It’s also unique : you play a blob which can split into several smaller blobs, allowing you to make more elaborate actions that I won’t spoil as discovering them is really satisfying. The graphic design is very well made, and the music/sfx are both great downright hilarious (I sometimes randomly listen it). Also, there’s quite a lot of levels for a LD entry.

But the best part may be that it’s a GBA game. I’m not kidding. Wow.


Gods will be watching – Jam


I have already seen a billion reviews mentioning that game, so I felt putting it here would be a bit redundant. But the game really deserves it. Yet again, everything is incredibly well made. Manage a team who have to survive 40 days in terrible conditions : the food is lacking, there’s a deadly virus rampaging in the air, it’s so cold you have to lit a fire, everybody’s morale is getting low, you have to repair a radio… There’s so many things which can go wrong that surviving seems to be a miracle. But guess what ? The game is so hard, winning may indeed be a miracle. But it’s not frustrating. Would you fail, it’ probably because you fucked up something. So I hope you’re ready to feel guilty about someone’s death.

But hey, let’s mention… everything else. The graphics are simply gorgeous, the audio atmosphere is excellent and the whole mood of the game is stunning. Some feedbacks may help about which action costs or doesn’t cost action points and the story introduction may seem pointless by parts, but mentioning these “polish” elements just proves how well made the game is.


Also, there’s some other games I’d like to mention briefly as well (-> you should look at them) :


Stalker – Atmospheric point & click with actual pictures, inspired from the book stalker. Immersive.

Sociales Santillana – Minimal “match 3” with a twist : you play on polygons. Enjoyable !

Alien Raid – Very minimal STR. Pummel down aliens. Interesting.

Cottonhead – Cute and gorgeous pixel plartformer, short but refreshing.

TNAFT – Social game : guess which colors people prefer. Addictive. Playable on mobile !

Hubu handler – Pet simulation, incredibly cute and well made. Don’t you DARE slap him, you MONSTER.



Oh, and, if you feel like taking a look at my entry, here is it : YAHG.


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