The Minimalist Hints

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May 4th, 2013 5:14 pm

So i got a lot of comments saying that my game was really hard and it IS meant to be that way because the point of the game is to find an easy, minimalistic, way of beating difficult levels. I understand now that it might be hard to grasp the concept, so i thought about making a walk-through but if i did that, the levels would actually be TOO easy. Therefore i decided to make this post with a hint for each level to make it easier to beat.


1. The green circle isn’t the only green thing in the level.

2. The game is programmed so that the character falls until ANY part of him touches gray.

3. Sometimes left is right.

4. For a minimalist, one is enough.

5. Sometimes you’re just too tired to save your own life.


Here is the game:

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  1. Spiridios says:

    Those are some pretty strong hints. 😉 I think the people saying it’s too hard don’t realize there are easier ways to do things. That’s what I liked about your game, it looks perfectly reasonable to solve it the normal platformer way, it’s just WAY hard to do it that way.

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