Eternal Journey – Art!

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May 4th, 2013 9:00 am

Hey, everyone! Green Pixel’s artist here! Ludum Dare 26 was a blast and we came up with our Jam entry: Eternal Journey 😀

If you’ve played it and rated it, thank you so much for your feedback! If you haven’t, check it out here and we’d appreciate your thoughts!

We made Eternal Journey with mobile devices in mind (as we have released an iOS title in the past) and we’re happy to read that a lot of the feedback seems to welcome the game – albeit a more finished version – on smartphones 😀

This was our second LD Jam and one thing I realized from LD25 was that I didn’t really learn much artistically – besides learning how fast I could work under a time constraint. So, this time around, I decided to experiment. Why not, right? When I heard that the theme was Minimalism, I thought of triangles and, inspired by games like Vlambeer’s Ridiculous Fishing, I came up with the art for Eternal Journey. Below is a handy screenshot if you don’t have time to play the game 😀


Triangles galore, eh? Now that we’re going ahead with the fully-featured version of the game (that we’re hoping to release before the next LD :D), I’m wondering if I should continue with this triangle-istic style. As a game artist, I’ve only really ever worked with pixel art and it’s the most comfortable style for me. I whipped up a quick mockup of what the mobile, pixel art version would look like (note that the background is largely unfinished :D), seen below:


See the huge difference? 😀 Gameplay aside, which style would you prefer? Do you think pixel art still appeals to the masses or is it played out? Would the semi-abstract triangles fare better in the world of apps?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks and happy gaming! 😀

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4 Responses to “Eternal Journey – Art!”

  1. JoeDev_net says:

    I think the triangle style can really work for you and set you apart if done correctly (Look at ridiculous fishing). The bottom image, while looking good, looks a little generic and doesn’t really stand out. That’s my take, you can of course improve the pixel art to be of a more unique style so that it would look less generic, but it seems easier with the triangle style.

  2. The triangle style is interesting. It will be very nice if done right, although pixel art is a tried and true method, harder to set yourself apart though.

  3. Mike Frett says:

    The Triangle Art is much better, from what I’ve been reading, people are pretty burnt out on Pixel-Art. It was OK the first few months but very Cliche now. Thanks for the Game, I enjoyed it.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! It does seem that the village voice is leaning towards the triangles and I definitely understand why 😀 I look forward to showing you more and getting more feedback!

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