Spark – Post-Mortem

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May 3rd, 2013 10:24 pm

Right. Post-mortem. My entry for the Minimalism LD was Spark. I must say, I’m proud of myself. I submitted something that works. Now, not a lot of people even liked it or thought of it as a “game” seeing as all you do is hold the right arrow key and move right. So I’ll just do the generic Pros/Cons listing.


Remember this crap?

Remember this crap?


What went well

  • The art was simple and took barely any time
  • When coding the game I was more confident in the process, and hit only a couple snags altogether.
  • My music creation is getting easier to do.

What didn’t go well

  • Apparently just moving right and reading words isn’t a “game”
  • My build of LibGDX doesn’t have LWJGL 2.9, so playing using MacOS with Java 7 installed could not “play” the “game”.
  • I probably could have made the game more in the time allotted.


Now I don’t really care if someone bad mouths something I make. I know what I made. As for the “not a game” bit, we all have our own definition for a “game” so I don’t really take those comments seriously. For next Ludum Dare, I really plan to kick some tail. I’m really looking forward to it like I always do.


Any-who, I’ve made a post-compo version of Spark. It’s more of a “game” while still being a narrative. So if you don’t like reading, please don’t play it. Or do.

Download the post-compo version by clicking the image below.


2013-05-04 01_17_07-2013-05-04 01_16_17-spark

Slightly less crappy



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