Seed Life Post Compo Version

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May 3rd, 2013 5:16 am

I’ve really enjoyed adding to Seed Life.

SeedLife 2 minute demo video

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I’ve already received great feedback from friends and LD comments. I’ve implemented some of them:

post-compo additions:

  • Display currently selected seed
  • Reworked how drag planting works (with shift-dragging for straight lines)
  • Better performance on longer runs
  • Can now harvest any type of seed with right-click(watch out, they’ll grow back)
  • Clouds (disperse them with mouse motion)
  • more to come..

future plans:

  • New types of seeds (I’d love some ideas from everyone)
  • Critters that only come out based on your garden
  • feedback wanted

Thanks for a great LD! Keep playing those games.

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3 Responses to “Seed Life Post Compo Version”

  1. metadept says:

    This was one of my favorites in the compo, looking forward to playing the expanded version!

  2. shawn42 says:

    @metadept Thanks! Let me know how you like the new version.

    • metadept says:

      It’s a big improvement. Showing the seed types was pretty helpful since I didn’t know what they were supposed to be before (maybe you explained it somewhere and I just didn’t read it). I think you should increase the size of the playing area a bit and maybe decrease the radius of flower spread. I did a fair amount of landscaping (built a little stream, flower beds, etc.) but didn’t really have space to get elaborate. Also, preventing things from spreading through rock walls would be great.

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