I have to be honest, I mostly didn’t participate in the last LD because I wasn’t a huge fan of the theme. I know, I suck, but it’s the past now…

….. But now, to make up for my laziness, I am bringing the past back!

Starting this Friday, I’m having a Quarter Quell (#HungerGamesReference). For a week, I will make a game based on one of the 25 first topics, and it would be cool if you guys joined me in this effort! If not, it’s cool lol.

You can pick any topic (or topics) from the random list below. I went to www.random.org/sequences/ and randomly selected 10 out of the 25 numbers:


So the topics are:

Advancing Wall of Doom
Build the level you play
Preparation — Set it up, let it go
It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!
The Tower
Growth … <– “Grow”, also this May’s optional theme for One Game A Month

I think standard LD rules should apply, minus the week to do it. I plan to do this alone, but you can be in a team if you so desire. If you want to participate, post in the comments of this post your intent to do so… and share your finish products when you’re done!

If any of you decide to participate with me, let’s see what awesomeness we can create!


12 Responses to ““Quarter Quell” Ludum Dare Week!”

  1. Jonapulse says:

    Ha. Sounds fun, I’ll do it with you. Though I won’t be able to give much time to it.

  2. Holofire says:

    I’ll probably take part. Is there a date yet?

  3. I’m planning on this Friday, and ending the following Friday.

  4. timtipgames says:

    I’m in. Don’t know when and how. But I’ll do it. Still in LD fever ^^

  5. Crowbeak says:

    This is a fabulous idea, but I’m going to be spending all of next weekend sewing, a quarter of the way across the country from home. I will look forward to the next Quarter Quell.

  6. goerp says:

    Haha, what? Just after a Ludum Dare and while I’m playing all those games (and thinking about a post compo)?
    Nice idea, but too soon for me, no time!

    • It’s okay. Maybe one of these days I will forgive you =.P

      I guess this may be more for those who didn’t participate in the last LD. I felt so unaccomplished after not competing that I wanted to make up for it.

  7. Jonapulse says:

    I’m – a do swarms.

  8. I think I’ll work on Growth and Evolution. =.]

  9. Jonapulse says:

    Send it to me (or let me know of the publish post) once you’ve made it. Here’s my swarm game–https://googledrive.com/host/0B8SaVMM8gtYOUDV6NEowSFowRUk/Swarm.swf. There is 0 polish, but the concept’s there.

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