Ten Levels

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May 2nd, 2013 7:17 am


(instagrammed screen from the game because YES, that's why.)

– Play Here –

It’s been a great pleasure to take part of the Ludum Dare compo for the second time, the game I submitted is called “Ten Levels”. Its a simple avoid-the-enemy-collect-the-something-to-pass-to-the-next-level game that I hope you will like/have fun with.

I voted and really hoped for the theme “Minimalism” to win but without a real reason (no) and when it came out I had no clue at all for the game..

Also i had to spend all saturday away from home so I spent most of the time thinking about the theme and what I could do (while everyone else around me were having fun).

It was during the trip back home that I realized that it didnt need to be closely related to the art movement or the kind of graphics, the game elements just needed to be taken to the minimal possible point.

So I decided to make a game that was playable inside a simple title screen, or better, inside the loading-level screen. It was just when i wrote down “LEVEL I” that I realized that V could have been my hero looking for I and avoiding evil L and E.

I’m a big fan of classic games like Robotron and Berzerk and I tried to put all my experience on these two games on my title, and i think somehow something went into it. I wanted it to look like a minimalist Robotrozerk that sounded like an Atari 2600.

My laziness fotunately found in Construct 2 a good friend to fast prototype and design the game, so I have to thank once again that little incredible piece of software to let my imagination turn to reality once again.

I closed the game in a real hurry during Sunday (I also found the time to watch a football match in between) and I didnt realize at first that it was so difficult to win. Almost impossible!

So I spent two more days to try and win it and finally I made it so I can show you that it is possible!

Have fun(I hope!) trying to do it yourself !


I’m still playing, voting and commenting as many amazing games as I can.. I really love this competition and I already can’t wait for the next one to take place!


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