Post mortal life i mean mordem life.

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May 2nd, 2013 10:08 pm

I learned a lot during my entry. I survived to say the least. I was very frustrated during the compo in certain ways. But!! Lets move on!

What went well:

2013-05-03_0015I liked the rocket implementation.

rest of these are firsts:

I made a pause screen, and it works! “esc”;

I made an inventory screen to track your progress in the game. “e”;

a non-destroying style HUD. (not create and destroy every frame);

I made groups of NPC’s scattered all over the map in a fairly even pattern;

Bouncing shadows, fairly well.

Melee fighting!



What didn’t go so well:


the purse was the reason i had such a difficult time with this entry and ld.

I got eaten alive because i was trying so many new things. I’ve never done a Physical hitting game. I felt my collisions were off, my items flew out of bounds, and my bosses were weak. I learned a whole lot about time, vs ability, vs doing too many things at once.

(since that time I’ve implemented about 9 bug fixes into the version i have at home.) xD better collisions, better hitting and knock back, etc.

Boo! 2013-05-03_0041

Plans for next time;

smaller scope of a game, not so many bosses.

using the level editor and preloader code predone as it’s the same every time, can dedicate more time to the actual game.



I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned many new things!

Special thanks to oldtopman, araneae, chevyray, sos, pov, adventureloop, dezzles, djduty, voxel, andrewBC, and others in the Ludumdare community that have made my time here very instructive and enjoyable. <3

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