Four scepters : post mortem

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May 2nd, 2013 7:23 am


Here’s the game I worked on :

4 Scepters a game with 4 heroes, 4 levels and 4 dev mistakes

<< What when right >>

Colors : Usually I’m not very good at restricting my color palette, but this time it was ok.
Apart of the title screen all the tiles are 4 colors only ( counting the alpha )

Different plays modes, titlescreen + ending : I could polish the game a bit more than expected and I’m happy with the result.

Supply : Well, I guess I’m not the only one here, but I had a very good help from my wife for food and drink supply.
We’re currently traveling, and she agreed that we stop one week-end for the LD and spent a lot of time bringing me the best indian food when I was coding days and nights in the hotel.

<< What went wrong >>

Complexity : This minimalism theme was a chance for me to be more concise and focus on one basic and simple idea.
I was thinking I will achieve that by making a simple roguelike with 4 direction only control.
But once again when I came to leveldesign , I freaked out and create tons of redundant options/monsters.

Four heroes : This was the first mistake, the core idea was good enough to work without specific heroes mechanics.
I think I added them because I’m always troubled with the game replayability.
So I decided to add those 4 heroes, and eveldegign became a real nightmare

Leveldesign : Obviously, creating 4 puzzle with only one solution per hero is almost impossible in 48h
I should have foreseen that, but once again I was too ambitious. I had a very clear idea of the objective, and I didnt took time to check if it fits in a 48h compo.
So my solution was : Ok, let’s play with the 4 heroes in a row in the 4 levels and maybe nobody will notive my problem. That’s cheap.
Now I’m a bit disapointed because I can see the game potential, and I think I ruined it with some very poor leveldesign.

 No music :  I postponed it until the last 3 hours and then realized that I had no time to do it, just 1 hour rush for sfx. Very sad.  I know those kind of puzzle doesn’t need a music so bad, but I wanted a complete game


3 Responses to “Four scepters : post mortem”

  1. TijmenTio says:

    I think you are too harsh on yourself, your game was one of my favorites.
    You did a great job!

  2. JaJ says:

    Your sound design was brilliant though. I gave 4 stars in the audio category, the sound effects were pleasant and effective. I didn’t miss the music at all.

    If I have to be really critical on the minimalism aspect, I think the only redundant enemy was the cat, since it doesn’t really matter much if you get hit once by the cat or get hit once by the slime, and it only really makes a difference if you play with the assasin.

    I think having multiple characters added more than enough to the game to still fit in the ‘minimalism’ theme. The game wouldn’t have been the same without that element, so it’s an essential part.

    The wizzard might add too many new elements to the game on its own to be justified, but not enough for me to give less for the theme category, which I also gave a high score (can’t remember 4 or 5)

    It was a great entry. In my top 5 for sure!

  3. Suese says:

    I think this wasn’t as strong as your last few entires, but I still think it’s a very strong entry. The gameplay itself is really good.

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