Atom That Matters

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May 2nd, 2013 2:31 am

Hi everyone ! Leon speaking,

We have so much fun at the game jam taking place in Kawenga, a very cool place, hosted by passionate people, making regenerative and lovable nourishment. And the jam results are pretty exciting ! We will keep working on the game when we will get time.

About the Team

  • Adrien Albertini, Developer
  • Aurelia Binetti, 2D Artist
  • Hannes Delbeke, 2D, 3D Artist and ‘codeling’ (
  • Leon Denise, Developer, 3D Artist (

About the Game


Atom That Matters is about controlling with only the mouse movement a physic body in a zero gravity space with physic elements that influence each other.

The camera orbit around the player body, and give him a continuous force in the forward direction. The player explores an environment filled with “floaters”, physic objects that you can grab.

Those two features, player’s control and floating object’s behaviours, were the main goals at the beginning of the jam. We interpreted the theme in the game mechanics, minimizing inputs. Minimize game design means that the basic game experience must be fun already even if there is no real goal. We spent a lot of time doing development and research about ideas and the space context has been chosen to make things easier. But we interpreted physic behaviors like crazy scientists making space experiments.

What happens in the game? Camera leads the player body, lightly influenced by nearest planet and sun.


Floaters are attracted by 3 forces leading to: the sun, the center of all planet positions and the nearest planet. When they are in player’s region, they have only one force applied, leading to the player. This may change in new prototype.

The torque of the object create variations and participate to the good looking physic behaviors.


The player’s goal is to minimize his resources. It was meant to fit in the theme, but we can say it’s fun to get objects. In early prototypes where graphics were abstract, resources accumulated by the player were orbiting physically around the player and it was pretty easy to lose weight. So a decision have been made, and we choose to snap objects on the player.


In the space context, random trashes and the fact that you can glue them, seems like a good and ecological thing. And those who already played Katamari Damacy know how much it feels good to grow by rolling. Player’s goal may change in a post-compo version.

For the aesthetic part, artists couldn’t minimize their desire and work on minimalist details.

A handmade parallax skybox sculpture by Hannes


The project really encourage us to develop further the two main features, certainly in an abstract aesthetic, because wild painters like Hannes doesn’t appears from tall grass. And abstraction allow us to make more game design decisions.

We’ll keep you in touch if we get time to make a post-compo version.


To play the game :

Thanks for reading, playing and making games!

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