Out Of Light Post Mortem.

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May 1st, 2013 9:46 am


Well, I made my second entry to Ludum Dare. Now is the time to deconstruct it and say what went well, what didn’t and generate some points to learn from the whole experience.

What went well?
I finished. Got to be an important one. I kept the game simple, I didn’t let the feature creep set in.
I learnt from previous mistakes. Last LD, I tried to use LWJGL, which I wasn’t and still am not comfortable in, this was a BAD idea, trying to learn a library, especially one as complex as openGL and do a game jam at the same time, don’t mix too well. This time I used Slick2D, which I have become very familiar with.

I was happy with the rough, blocky lighting effect I created for the game, I was really happy that I could cast shadows using ray casting. I was happy with the level from bitmap, loading technique.


What would I change?
Well, for starters, I would more than likely, change the zombies, to allow diagonal movement in their path finding. I would probably have added more sound effects for the zombies, because the repetition of the same sound effect, became a little annoying. I would also have added a sound for the potato and health pickups. I may have increased the light radius, decreased the drop of ammo and increased the potato drop, because I think, the drop rates were a bit off at times. If I’d of had more time I may of added some way of finding where they key to the next safe room was without having to search all the really dark rooms, because I think some people might have found that a bit tedious!

Points to think about:

-Keep it simple
-Don’t browse youtube so much!
-Get the Ludum Dare weekend off work if possible.

Thanks to everyone who has already played my game and rated and commented. Anyone who wants to give it a go, it can be found here:


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