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May 1st, 2013 5:21 pm

Besides being the premiere minimalistic puzzle platformer featuring a spherical protagonist and submitted by a user whose name begins with “c” and ends in “ahman,” my game MIN(Ball) has a per level high score system.

Looking at my server access logs, I realized the game makes a database access at the end of every level.  A little filtering later, BOOM!  A plot of showing how far players get in the game.  In case anyone likes data, or funny looking plots, I thought I’d share the results:



I’ll try to update this picture daily.

2May 20183


* Astute observers might notice more people beat level 9 than level 8.  How could that be?  Well, someone beat level 9, then decided to play it again.



Daily updates might have been a little over optimistic.  Especially since the play numbers have started to level off.


Data, of course, begs for interpretation.  Most people wash out on Level 4.  Is that level too hard?  Does the difficulty ramp up too quickly?  Is Level 4, about 5 minutes into the game, the typical LD review time?  Or am I looking for trends in more or less random noise?  I’m very curious to hear others’ input.


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