Less is More? – Post Mortem

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May 1st, 2013 3:39 pm

This is the first time i write a post-mortem, the first time i partecipate to the compo (i already partecipated to the jam the last two times). My game: Less is More?

Finding out that the theme was minimalism was a pleasant surprise: I already had an idea of a game inspired by Mondrian works, with every color having different fluid behaviors, but I never thought about how getting a gameplay out of that thing.
So i rapidly coded a sand-water-fire sandbox and started experimenting with it.
Also I wanted my game to have a deep meaning, so I thought about overbuilding, which eliminate all natural things  in the world, drying the water, burning  the soil, extinguishing all the fires and covering all in gray cement.
So the gameplay was done: you are the mad designer who wants to eliminate the pulsating natural elements from the world,  by using them one against the other.

What went well
This time i spend my time doing something small but polished: what i learned from my precedent jams is that adding features is a bad idea. I removed all that was not necessary from my design (this is a very minimalism thing!)
What went wrong
After publishing the game I discovered that color blind people can have problems playing it, something I absolutely want to fix in a post-compo version. Also things I cutted with regret: communicating vessels for the water tiles(great addition for the gameplay), more realistic fire behaviour, a level editor.

Play it!

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