Highlights So Far

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May 1st, 2013 11:28 am

I have now rated ~1/20 of all the games in the Ludum Dare (112). People are starting to ask for highlights, so here are some. I’ve tried to go for a variety of interesting things here, rather than a list of what I think is objectively best.


OK, let’s just get this one over with. It’s dumb, but I laugh every time I play it. I promise that my other mentions will be less silly.


Seed is a very interesting action/puzzle game that requires you to manage your view of the top and bottom screens. It has a great atmosphere and a novel mechanic. It also looks fantastic.

Hidden Squares

This puzzle game is basically impossible. It is, however, undeniably cool. It’s a lot of fun to just play around with.


Tinge is a nice place to be for a little while. No more, no less.


A brilliant little strategy/arcade game. Play it once to understand how it works, and you will see that it is a work of extreme cleverness. I still don’t see what it has to do with ontology however.

The Epicly Short Adventure

For sheer polish and mechanical entertainment, this one is hard to beat. Also, Bioshock.

Werewolf In Space

Do you like game theory? It will be very helpful in this very tiny but curious game. I advise that you play it a few times!

Triage: The Life of a Combat Medic

My colourblindess rather precludes me from this one, but it alludes to some great concepts in story/narrative.

Maximus Minimalist

I lied. This one is silly too.


I played many other interesting games, but the more I list the less likely people are to play them. So I’ll stop. For now.

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  1. free_napalm says:

    Thanks for mentioning my game Werewolf in Space :)

  2. Hayawi says:

    what about Occam’s Razor man, that game was really good

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