Hello there everyone, it has been a very good Ludum Dare. But the only thing I was disappointed about is the amount of people that use the First Person Character Controller prefab from Unity’s Standard Assets. So, I’ve listed some reasons why you should not use it.

Evilness at its best.

At LD #25 YOU were the villain. Now THIS is the villain!

1. Standard MouseLook is buggy and horrible.

The standart MouseLook script is terrible and should not be used. First, it is imprecise. For some reason, a minor movement makes a glitchy hop to another direction, I don’t really know why. Also, the standardsensibility is too great. Sensibility should be configurable by the player.


2. Your player cannot be a physical object.

With the standardCharacter Controller, you are not a physical object. If you add a rigidbody component to it, things get buggy. It’s no use. The movement script makes the physics by itself, and the physics are unrealistic. The acceleration is off and I don’t even know what else. Try adding force to yourself, it is impossible since you are not a physical object.


3. You don’t do the scripts.

So, how can you adjust anything on the scripts that come with it if you don’t know how they were done and why they were done that way? The answer is simple: you don’t. Make your own first person walking and MouseLook script, it’s easier than you think, you’ll learn a lot about scripting and you will actually understand what’s going on, you will be able to tune the movement in the way you like it.


So, do your own basic scripts, it is good for you. If you have trouble with that, check out my Movement.js and Mouselook.js scripts  (they are not perfect) and take a look at RigidbodyFPSWalker. And good luck!

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  1. Don’t tell me what to do, you’re not my mother !!! XD

  2. bentog says:

    Don’t use that tone with me, boy!

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