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The last part is released, it’s a bit shorter than the others but still full of good games! That’s all for this LD! Thank you for participating and my apologies if somehow your game got left out (I hope I got everybody).

People make a lot of games during a Ludum Dare. We have reached a point where it’s impossible to play all the games ourselves. But what if we could just sit down and relax while watching as many 10 seconds video clips of the games as we can?

I think that would be pretty neat. This is why I’ve decided to create such a compilation video. However I cannot possibly do it alone. You have to help me by recording a 10 seconds video showing your game and uploading it somewhere I can download it.

I will mass download the files and compile them into videos you can enjoy. I hope many people participate and we end up with hours worth of your awesome games!

Things to keep in mind:
– please use well supported video formats (ex. avi, mp4, mov with common codecs)
– The final video will be 1280×720 so 16:9 aspect ratio is best but I’ll letterbox other formats.
– only upload videos of actually gameplay of your Ludum Dare #26 entry
– the audio should be just your game audio please (or silence if your game has no audio)
– 10s maximum, 20MB file size limit
IMPORTANT: only use hosting services that allow direct linking to the file itself (dropbox for example). So that I can download the files automatically.

Some video capture tools you could use: (free) (commercial, free trial) (commercial, free trial)

“For those on a Mac, screen capture can be done easily with Quicktime (go to File > New Screen Recording)” (Tip submitted by jacklehamster)

Please allow a few days for the first compilation to be made. I can’t wait to see what the result will look like!

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211 Responses to “10 Second Videos Compilation Project (Final part released)”

  1. Catman says:

    So cool!
    Here is my entry’s video:

    It’s actually a weird format, but almost 16:9 so it should not give problems :)

  2. DustyStylus says:

    This is brilliant, thank you!

    (I’m also checking out a whole ton of games I wouldn’t have found without having seen them in the video, you’ve done a great service here!)

  3. PoV says:

    Haha, this is great. Thank you so much for doing this Codexus. :)

  4. Love it! I’ll be submitting.

  5. worff says:

    Codexus : Thanks a lot for the time of putting all those videos together !! Great idea and awesome work !

  6. iiechapman says:

    This is a great idea, I have submitted my video , thank you very much for doing something like this!

  7. Oliver Simon says:

    I saw my video when watching. I have no idea at what time, though. After 4:45 someplace, I’m pretty sure.

  8. JigxorAndy says:

    I just submitted. Thank you! :)

  9. naufr4g0 says:

    I submitted my video, too!

  10. BrothersT says:

    We would love to do this but are away from home with only a slow laptop that records at 11fps. I wonder if anyone here would like to help us out? If someone could play our game and record from the intro, hover over the symbols briefly and click on the middle one and play around with the dog in the car all in really quick succession, that’s all we want to show. Then send us the file and we’ll edit it :) My email is



  11. bompo says:

    Thank you very much for this. It would be even cooler if you use YouTube captions to link every game, but I understand that this would be a lot of work.

  12. dsoft20 says:

    Is wmv an acceptable video format?

  13. Neonlare says:

    Awesome videos! My game seems to have no audio on the first batch though :(.

  14. Looking forward to me being in there!

  15. kill0u says:

    Please don’t add Drug Hunt yet, Gnux uploaded it without the sound (which is important in this game) =/
    Sorry about that 😡

  16. allinlabs says:

    Oh my god, the animated thumbnails are so awesome in your index pages
    What script / tools did you use to create them ? Ludum Dare entries should totally have something similar to it.

    • Codexus says:

      They are created the same way as I process the videos: using ffmpeg, but I just asked for a gif instead of a video. I just wrote a tiny python script to run it on all the videos.

  17. Adipson says:

    nice ! and when will you publish the part 3 to see if i ‘ll be in 😉 ? thanks

  18. Jan Marcano says:

    Thank you for this <3

  19. Floko says:

    oh, I forgot: this video was an AWESOME idea!!

    You are a genius =]

  20. AndyBumpkin says:

    Great stuff, will get something to you later today :)

  21. Maple says:

    Will all these parts be compiled into one video at the end?

  22. Patacorow says:

    I accidentally sent a bad video (it has my friends talking over it!!) I’m sending a new one please don’t use the one I sent!!!!!!!!

  23. kill0u says:

    Hi there o/

    If you want to see the previews (*) on “full screen”, use this tiny userscript:

    (*) These pages:

  24. Adipson says:

    the part3 ! the part 3 ! the part 3 !

  25. Adipson says:

    ok ! so we’ll be patient 😉 thks

  26. Posted :>

    10 secs @ 1280×720 = 617kb 😀

  27. goerp says:

    Bfff after seeing so many great looking games, I’m afraid of posting my own: See the guy changing the spreadsheet (as some reviewer called it).

  28. AlexFili says:

    My game got featured at 2:20! :)

  29. GreaseMonkey says:

    I’ve added a video, but my first upload didn’t have sound. I’ve done a second one which DOES have sound, courtesy of the analogue loop.

    If you downloaded the video without sound, could you please redownload? Thanks.

  30. Cake&Code says:

    It was awesome to see our game at 22:57 in part 2!! Thank you for doing this Codexus~ :)

  31. rogueNoodle says:

    Great job on this – thanks for taking up the task :)

  32. tonbery says:

    REALLY nice work, our game is on the first video, but both are awesome, hope GGJ get this kind of thing someday, in the end of the jam normally everyone gets home and that’s it ¬¬


  33. anim86 says:

    Will be continued?

  34. Jacques_le_lezard says:

    Juste added my video! (10 seconds it’s too short ^^)

  35. YES! I’m in here! 3:05 – 3:15 on part 3 :)

  36. psc1997 says:

    10 seconds video from my simple game 😉
    Game Site:

    • psc1997 says:

      I send links in Your Google Docs form “Ludum Dare 10s Videos Compilation Project” 😉
      I don’t know how to delete my comment, sorry for this :/

  37. Sestren says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. It’s a great way to learn about games you would otherwise have a hard time finding. You are awesome!

  38. imagnity says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot for your effort. I submitted mine named OktumBoktum. Was there a problem with the video since it’s not included?


  39. naufr4g0 says:

    My game Potato Station is here! 2:54 – 3:04 on part 3.

    Play (and vote) the game here:

  40. jacklehamster says:

    Really love that index ;-D

  41. IndieRetro says:

    Here is my entry! I hope you can fit it in the next video! :)

    Entry Name: “Squared”
    Author: “IndieRetro”
    Video Download Link:

    Thanks! :)

  42. intripoon says:

    I haven’t watched all 3 videos yet, but according to the index page, you missed mine: Ylbin,

  43. JigxorAndy says:

    Thank you for putting my game in part 3! Awesome video 😀

  44. fermcg says:

    I posted a dropbox link on the form is it ok? it’s not strictly direct linking.

  45. Gremlin says:

    Finally was able to post mine.

  46. Posted! Thanks for doing this!

  47. Merkoth says:

    Great job, thanks a lot for doing this! 😀

  48. ahm99 says:

    Will you do this again next LD? This was just great. Thank you so much!

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