What about a game ring?

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April 30th, 2013 11:02 pm

Remember those old web rings? Sites which were linked to each other.

They were a great way to discover great websites by browsing through another, but was the perfect way that small sites had to fight against anonymity. Oh those old 90’s.

Now, Ludum Dare is reaching some pretty high number of entries, which is great! Lots of games to play and lot of motivation to keep making awesome games.

We see lot of people fighting the anonymity now… live reviews, highlights, collages of 100+ games…

But what about a game ring?

Let’s bring it on! Let’s link each other and help people discover our games. Just add a list to your entry page / webpage / kongregate description with the link of entries that links back to you.

For starters, I added a placeholder list in my entry and my game.

Keep them coming!  Let’s link entries back!

Just add your game here :)

5 Responses to “What about a game ring?”

  1. SomeNetworkGuy says:

    Great idea! This is my first Ludum Dare. It seems like making the game is only a small part of it. The rest is promoting your game so that it doesn’t just get lost.

  2. ddionisio says:

    web ring…wow that brings back old memories! Don’t forget the guestbook!

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