soundscape – Post-mortem of an audio game

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April 30th, 2013 1:41 pm



I decided to take the theme of minimalism in the direction of minimal interface: try to make a game that can be played by audio alone!

soundscape overview

What went right:

  • Framework: I used love2d again, and this time I had even more experience. I used the collision library I learnt about in LD24 and without it this game would not have been possible for me to make in the time frame.
  • Idea: I think this was a really interesting idea, and a lot of people agreed. I’ve never played such a game before, though I have heard of a few. I’m really interested in making similar games and seeing what can be done with audio games.
  • Visuals: I think I have managed to achieve a visual style is simple but elegant, and fits the theme quite nicely. It’s quite neat that the player’s route overlaid on the map looks like minimalist art itself.

What went wrong:

  • Sound: I made a similar mistake in LD24 – having really irritating sounds. Some people reported the feeler noise hurt their ears.
  • Playability: I really had no idea how to design an audio game, and it shows! I’m not entirely sure the directional sound for the goal works properly, and I think the theramin-style feeler is a very good interface for blind navigation. I don’t think I made it clear enough what the static meant, especially since the grid scrolls even when you aren’t moving! That said, I was pleasantly surprised by how many people enjoyed the game and actually made it to the end!
  • Dead ends: I spent a lot of time playing with dead end ideas – namely trying to do levels made of constructive solid geometry (way too fiddly to implement in the time frame). The sound element of the game is very stripped down from the weird stuff I was playing with, and the levels are nothing like I wanted them to be originally!

Like last time, in LD24, it was great fun to participate. I’ve made an interesting game that’s like nothing I’ve ever made before, and really has me thinking about new possibilities for other audio-games.

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