Shoot (AAA_FPS_GOTY) – Compo Post-Mortem

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April 30th, 2013 10:39 am


Things that I did this Ludum Dare that pretty much go against every recommendation:

  • Throw away everything and start over from scratch after 13 hours into the competition with a completely different game.
  • Make a 16-player multiplayer game. With automatic matchmaking.
  • AI bots too, to fill any empty slots automatically. Make sure they have the ability to navigate a 3d space in real time, looking for powerups if there’s nothing to kill.
  • Livestream the whole thing to almost 8,000 unique viewers and try to keep everyone entertained while coding.
  • Include nearly 50 different death sounds, because it’s not like we’re on a tight deadline or anything.

Despite all these ridiculous challenges, I’ve completed what is by far my most fun Ludum Dare entry ever! At peak load, there were nearly 200 players connected simultaneously to the multiplayer servers. The only unfortunate thing is that now that the stream is over, there are sometimes no human opponents available — and they really make the game a lot more enjoyable.

If you’re going to test Shoot (AAA_FPS_GOTY), see if you can get a friend or two to connect at the same time. It’s way more fun than just fragging bots. :)

This visual  makes death sting a little less.

Everything you see in Shoot (AAA_FPS_GOTY) can be made using entirely free tools.

I used the trial copy of Unity 3d Pro that was offered for Ludum Dare, but the free version would have been perfectly sufficient. The only “pro” feature I used was the shadow on the character — but a blob projector would have been just as good here. I also made use of the A* Pathfinding Project Free library as well as Photon Unity Networking.  A free Photon Cloud server is used for matchmaking.

I used Blender for modelling — including making an animated character for the first time for use in an actual game. That was fun. The textures were drawn in Photoshop, but could have been made in Paint. I also used Substance Designer (trial) to get the ambient occlusion texture for the character as a learning experience, but I could have done the same thing just as easily (better?) in Blender itself.

The face of a killer.


Anyway, I hope you can take the time to try Shoot (AAA_FPS_GOTY) and pwn some noobs.



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  1. Blinked says:

    Really great game man! I played it without even realizing it was you who made it lol. If I’d known you were streaming I would have watched :/

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