Potato Dungeon – Postmortem

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April 30th, 2013 10:31 am

Minimalism, what a crappy theme we thought, when we saw the results of the final voting round.

Images instantly sprang to mind of blocks. Well, we’ve seen enough games with just blocks.

Ziryf created some sketches for the character style and we just went with it. We made the main character a knight and added a sword. To quote Jon Snow: “stick them with the pointy end”. That’s basically what our whole game design boiled down to. No need to press buttons to attack, you just aim your sword and try to hit your enemies with it.


After the first day, the game was up and running and you could poke enemies to death. It worked quite well and the combat fit the theme perfectly.

We also had a very nice style going on that was minimal and clean. While also giving a lot character to the knight and npc’s.


The next step was to also give the enemies a sword, and magic happened:



We didn’t stop there and added a horse sidekick that can either fight for you, or be used to ride like the wind.


During the final hours of the jam we created a final boss battle so the whole thing would have a start and an end. Because of this the game feels polished and we’re very happy with it.


What went right:


The combat turned out great, much more dynamic than we had anticipated. And it looks great:



The horse companion was an idea Ziryf came up with. I think the character really worked out well. We’ve noticed It’s a character that players get attached to, their sidekick and pal Pard.


-Game engine

Construct 2, this piece of software allowed us to make so much progress in so little time, it’s just an unbelievable game engine that poops out webgl accelerated html5 games.



What went wrong:


I went through a rough start on this Ludum Dare. I was so busy whining about the theme, I wasted a good 4 hours of our time. My partner Ziryf helped me get on track though.



Even though there’s a final boss in the game, we weren’t able to make it the epic fight we wanted.


The jam has come to an end, and we’re very proud of what we’ve created. We’d really like to continue on the concept and make this into a full fledged game. It would be insanely cool to see this in a metroidvania setting. If that will happen, we don’t know yet. But we’re very positive about the idea. 😀

Game link:


2 Responses to “Potato Dungeon – Postmortem”

  1. zopa says:

    I loved the game. Loved it. The reason I loved it so much was probably just how original it was (to me any way). Interesting. Fun. Simple. And a really cool concept.

  2. Beldarak says:

    “It would be insanely cool to see this in a metroidvania setting.”

    Oh god, YES !!!

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