Last Atlantis preview

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April 30th, 2013 8:07 am
Last Atlantis

Screenshot of v0.1

Here’s what I was working on – a sort of Atlantis meets Rampart game with a hint of Scorched Earth and TD. Waves of enemies assault from the flanks, lobbing projectiles at the peaceful potato growing Atlantians, eroding their island.

I was feature creeping faster than I could work as usual. While I had something playable by the time of the deadline, it didn’t feel right to submit it formally. So here’s an informal preview.

Zipped MacOS build.

It’s still missing a lot of stuff, like unit variation (air stuff is needed to force the player to adapt his aim) and level balance, a Game Over check… and more stuff listed in the ingame ToDo list.

Time spent: Dead ends >> Code > Art >>> Sound. I used BlitzMax.

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