How I made a game in 48 hours

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April 30th, 2013 8:05 am

Below is a fairly accurate account of how my weekend went while making F*** This Job

Day One

0830 Got up, had porridge and a cuppa, got dressed
0900 “Minimalism? Bugger.”
0930 Lots of Googling, etc. “Minimalism…Do more with less”
1000 “I’ll make a one-button roguelike!”
1030 “Screw that.” Decided on a one-button platformer instead
1100 Drew complicated sketch of how the game will play

1130 Guy is now running and jumping back-and forth
1230 Basic level loading and tiling done
1300 Wife asks what happens if you hold down the jump key. Turns out the guy starts flying. I assure her it’s a feature…Not a bug
1400 Added spikes and player deaths
1500 Went to ‘Burger Off’ to refuel

1730 Back to work, added the stegosaurus thingy which would later become the mutant rat enemy
1830 Added exits – levels now have a start and an end!
1900 More enemies that look nothing like they’re supposed to (except the gun turret…That sort of looks like a gun turret)
2100 “It would be awesome if I could add Super Meat Boy-style replays…”

0000 Somehow added Super Meat Boy-style replays

0200 More enemies, tile types and general bug fixing. Added just about all the mechanics and elements so I can focus on polish and level design tomorrow

Day Two

0830 …SNOOZE…
1030 “Oh **** it’s still Ludum Dare!”
1100 Fixing up the main menu and level select screen
1200 Found my dusty Wacom tablet…Time to make an intro
1400 Finished the intro and outro. His fingers look weird but whatever
1500 Designed a few tutorial levels
1530 Ran out of bacon, went to the shops
1630 More levels, bug fixing the replays
1930 Redid a lot of the art for the enemies, spent ages trying to make a decent run animation in 3×3 pixels (didn’t work – he looks like he’s moonwalking)
2200 Added sounds – thank you AS3FXR!
2230 Added a poster to the intro and main menu (bonus points if you recognise it)
2300 Home stretch! More levels
0100 So many ideas for levels but they take *ages* to tweak and get right! Oh well, 24 will do for now
0130 Compiled and submitted
0200 Final tweaks and fixes… Need to get up for work in 5.5 hours, better go to bed

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