I had an interesting time this LD. I made two demos of different games and completed neither.

First, “Catch the Apples” was a remake of one of the microgames from the original WarioWare, but expanded into its own game. For reasons that should be obvious, this turned out to not really be worth the kind of lovely art I had in mind for it.

The other game was “Plink”, a shmup with geometric graphics and very simple gameplay. I wound up running into my natural weekend laziness and then technical problems (my laptop has been freezing randomly lately :( ) so I couldn’t finish it in time for the jam.

I gained something, though. I gained the knowledge that I can get something working, and that doing so is the most important part of this process. I have a habit of getting lost in boilerplate and features that I don’t need yet. Part of that is a tendency to put off making artwork. I’m starting to make artwork much more promptly and actually get the thing working in a timely manner now.

I have a game in the works which I will sell on Flash Game License. I’m more confident than ever that I can finish since I’ve been reminded that I can actually make a working game.

I might have failed to finish this LD, but I got the knowledge that I can actually do this. I proved to myself that this doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.

I wish I had finished, of course. However, I can finish my current project instead. It’s a pretty nice project that will hopefully work out well for me.

Peace, love, and hope,

– Henry

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