We Made It!

April 29th, 2013 10:56 pm

First Ludum Dare Complete!! Well, mostly 😉

Gawdamn Aliens

Screenshot 2 - pretty intense Screenshot 3 - the devil has wonky boobs


Controls –
WASD to move
Mouse to shoot
Hold D to bypass obstacles

Fend off the Gawdamned Aliens as a True American Hero.
Never stop shooting!
Guzzle sixpacks to shoot better! (Like real life!)
Infinite lives till they take your trailer!


For my first Ludum Dare attempt I recruited my good friend Ryan64K to help with the graphics and sound. Unfortunately, Ryan had a root canal on the last day of the Dare, so sound got largely pushed off to the side..

When the theme was announced, the first decision we made was that this was not going to be an excuse to make all our gameplay objects into squares and circles. It was going to be an excuse to get rid of any gameplay element that didn’t implement properly on the first try.

We decided to take the genre of platforming wasd-shooters and express minimalism in terms of gameplay and level design. Most platformers use a set of sequential hazards and obstacles to keep things interesting. Hazards in our game exist in the form of a constantly descending stream of enemies, but our game uses a small, flat area with wraparound edges; not very interesting.

To remedy this we made the terrain destructible, giving the player an evolving landscape to platform around on. We gave the enemies powerup drops so the player would have a reason to move around. We did away with lives at first in order to serve the theme, but honestly every idea we had to replace them with made the game more complicated. We finally settled on infinite respawns at your trailer. Also we gave the hero a trailer. And a truck. And suspenders.. And just losing your powerups didn’t seem like enough punishment for dying, so we gave the player an accelerating firing rate that resets when you die.

In our first builds, the trailer and truck were destructible and took damage from enemy shots, but could be pushed around with yours. This turned out lame, both in terms of gameplay and adding unnecessary complexity to the game, so we went with more of an abduction interaction with the trailer, whereas the aliens will simply eat the truck if you give them a chance. The truck can, however, be used for cover.

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