Ludum Dare 26 Post-mortem

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April 29th, 2013 6:58 am

So this was my third Ludum Dare game, “Less is More” –


  • Streaming: I didn’t get many viewers, but having the sense of people watching over my shoulder, and not using a microphone made me write more comments and gameplay notes so people could see what I was thinking.
  • Time-planning:  I finished 90% of the features I’d planned, working at an easy pace for all but the last three-four hours. I usually plan epic masterpieces which just won’t fit in a weekend, so that’s good progress.
  • Music: This is the first game I’ve written which included a soundtrack. It’s nothing amazing, but the theme helped me start simple, and I’m really excited to have jumped this hurdle.
  • Graphics: While I didn’t like the theme, it allowed me to do less work on the graphical side and focus on writing game code.
  • Code Structure: I’m learning lots about writing code that runs in the immediate-mode environment of typical games; definitely valuable experience for future projects.


  • Theme: God, I hated the theme. I guess it feels like the artistic equivalent to a game mechanic theme, like “FPS” or “2D Platformer”; I really struggled to come up with an idea and whilst it may just be “developer’s perspective”, I don’t think the final game is much fun. In the end, I learned more about the grunt work of making games than any game design insights, but that’s as valuable as lesson, I guess.
  • Interruptions: I never seem to have a whole weekend off; guess I just have to work on that Work-Life balance 😀
  • Time: Thanks to timezones and daylight-saving, the jam started & ended at 3am – that means staying up late on a Friday to find out the theme, and then staying up late before going to work on a Monday, which gets rough.
  • Focus: On top of interruptions, I can’t seem to focus on a task till the last few hours, but that’s a personal flaw I’ll just have to work on.


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