Fog: Post Mortem

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April 29th, 2013 5:39 pm

Yes, the most creative title. I know.


Before we begin, let me just say that I am absolutely terrible at writing. So I’m sorry for what you’re about to read. I’ll try to keep it short.


Overall, Fog WAY exceeded my expectations for this LD. This is my second time doing the LD, but first time working in the Jam, and with a friend of mine who is quite talented at making pretty things, lots of pretty things.  Although we didn’t really like Minimalism as a theme, it didn’t take long to come up with an idea. Our thought process is as follows:

  • Minimalism art has a common theme: very few visual elements, only what’s necessary.
  • Lets only show the player the minimal things to complete levels.

Thus we started with that idea, and Fog as we know it today evolved out of that. I like how we also (more out of accident than anything) left an inferred story instead of a directly imposed one. The player has room to fill in the blanks in the story with their own belief on how it should be.

We put pretty much everything we wanted (aside from possibly a few more maps) in the game within the Jam, but here are a few things I want to work on for the future.

  • Overall physics improvement: This was my first time implementing ladders ever. It went alright, but there are a few sketchy points.
  • Quickly fade to white when you die (not sure how well that would work though)
  • More fading between states (such as menu->menu and map->map (again, not sure how well it would work)
  • Make reveal more efficient: Currently it’s very bad. Very, very bad.
  • Clean up my crazy pasta-mess in the code. I didn’t give my source for really one reason. My code is more tangled than my hair at the moment. (Unbrushed for 3 days, with lots of head scratching.)
  • Multiplatform: I would have written it in MonoGame, but the install never seems to work for me. I will attempt porting in the near future.
  • Make more lists. (Lists are nice)

I think that about sums everything. Have a screenshot and a link to our submission.

Also have a video. (How the hell do I embed these?)

Thanks for reading! I hope all of you had as great of a weekend as I did. I’m looking forward to round 3 :)

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  1. toonheart says:

    damn I want to play this 😀 .. queueing it.

    Meanwhile, mind showing some love to my entry? :)

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