C[Dot][Dot][Dot] submitted

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April 29th, 2013 4:04 pm

Well that was a lot more painful than I thought.

And that's the money shot

And that’s the money shot

I’m so annoyed I missed the comp, and then only made the jam with 3 hours to spare thanks to baddie AI bugs.

Anyway it’s done now, which is the main thing, and as I said in an earlier post I’ve loved the community spirit here. It’s a great spirit when you’re working in an office against an insane deadline, this is like that but with 2000 other people. Brilliant.

The game lives here if you’d like to see it,


I’m too spent for a postmortem right now ( I’ve had to correct a dozen typos in just this post already ). There are lots and lots of faults with it. It’s like there’s a good game in the mechanics there somewhere, I’ve just not being able to bring it out.

Bed for me, then playing all your games tomorrow. Have a good night everyone,



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  1. wonderwhy-er says:

    Yeah, LudumDare has many great sides, and its community culture is one of the best sides of it.
    Nice game btw :)

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