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April 29th, 2013 7:11 pm


So the game is all about rhythm and reflexes, for one or two players, but it really is meant to be played by two players. We’ll mainly explain the two players mode here. The main objective is to become the “BoomBox” (top right of the third screenshot) and reach the top score before the other player. In order to become the BoomBox, you first need to reach it, racing with your oponent. Switch the color of your avatar (graphics not acurate on the screenshot) with the A,B,Y,X buttons (matching the colors on screen and on the controller) to get through the waves of color moving towards you. You must also mind the platforms coming along with the waves and dodge them if you don’t want to be pushed back.

Ludum26 2013-04-30 03-26-18-07

When a player reaches the BoomBox, he becomes it. And he gets to launch the wave of colors (following the beats “guitar hero like”) and choose the directions of the platforms launched. When the “challenger” reaches the BoomBox the two players then switch roles, and again, and again. The fact is: you only score when you are the BoomBox. There will be blood.
There is also an arcade mode for two players VS the computer, a training mode to practice your skill, and the same thing in singleplayer.

Pump up the volume, and get ready to rock!

The game is quite heavy, please be patient you won’t regret it 😉

Have fun and tell us what you think!




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