Alien Raid: Post Mortem

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April 29th, 2013 10:24 pm

Minimalism: The art of releasing a game with placeholder graphics =)

AlienRaid battle

This was my 4th and my best LD by far, as I managed to bring Alien Raid to very close of what I planned from start.
The theme was a real challenge but the idea came quickly: Simple 2D RTS with crude graphics (despite my lack of artistic talent forced me to put more details in sprites that a “minimalist” would like).

The use of the new version of CrossDoc (shared at LD start) really helped to keep features in “possible” realm.

This is my first game at LD that used full Unity physics. Took me a time to tweak it for 2D-frenetic-lunar-battle scenario what prevent me from submitting Alien Raid for 48 hours compo. It’s done for the Jam at least.

The music was composed literally on the last hour.

What went right

  • To have a solid idea from start and a clear path of work
  • Like in last LD, gameplay base was ready by Saturday night. This leave the whole Sunday to graphics, sounds, music and to balance rules.
  • Unity 3D once again proved to be an invaluable ally.
  • Alien Raid code is heavily based on component pattern (like Unity). Things that would be hard to implement other way came free from this.
  • Music (I liked it =D)

Bad things happens

  • Graphics could be better. At least better suited for the game atmosphere.
  • This game is too easy when you learn to play (quicker alien re-spawn will solve) .
  • To play it well one must be in full will to figure it out.

Thanks! See you at LD 27

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