Aaron & Alex – Postmortem

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April 29th, 2013 3:48 am

Here’s the game: http://smilingrob.com/ld26/

And the competition link: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-26/?action=preview&uid=20689

The Good

* The biggest thing I learned was that it’s ok to sleep, eat well (no red-bull or candy), and do some normal things during the 48 hours.

* I think the audio came out good.  And the song I made was surprising because it was the first thing I played on the keyboard.  When I dropped it into the game the mood changed and made it seem like an art experiment more than a game.  So I was really pleased with that.

* The arrow puzzle controls are really satisfying.  Jumping is frustrating sometimes.  And typing letters would be better if I had time to highlight the individual letters.

* Analytics are built in, I’m tracking how far people get, and their score when they win.

* I finished something, and put it on my website.

The Bad:

* Another major thing I learned was the value spending time on just designing something on paper.  I was really stuck for an idea after the theme was announced, and I just ended up choosing a lame mechanic because I didn’t have time to think of some good one.  If I do this again, I’ll try to think of a cool mechanic first and then apply the theme to that mechanic.

* I’m disappointed that I didn’t spend an hour modeling some quick things to drop on the path besides blocks.   I wanted to have junk flying by to make things seem faster, and have stars moving over your head.  But I got stuck on a few bugs and ended up only having time to make it work.

* Aaron and Alex’s role aren’t really visualized as well as I wanted.  I set the audio to pan Aaron on the left and Alex on the right.  Good guys classically come in from the left.  Alex’s voice was much louder in my mic, so I had to boost Aaron’s character and I boosted him a bit too high.

* The capsule looks lame and beginner to anyone that’s used Unity.  I can model much better things in 3D, but I ended up just modeling some cubes.  So much for practicing UV mapping in Blender last week.

They say your prize is your game.  And I’m very happy to have made something to put in my portfolio.  Even if it’s not great, it’s way better than an empty portfolio and the excuse that most of my work is backend, behind a firewall, and an NDA.

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