This is quite possibly the WORST use of my time right now, but it was fun, so I did it.

My LD entry is a puzzle game, and I overestimated how hard it was to design puzzle levels (read my last post for more info). So, I went ahead and wrote an AI to brute-force my levels, and give me the number of success and failure paths that the user could take, with “harder” levels probably having better ratio of failure/success paths. It also means that I can put the level into the solver and actually see if the level I made really is solvable and I was just beaten by my own game :)

The solver is on github. In the time I wrote this I could have gotten sound effects or just plain been making more levels (as easy as they would probably end up being), but I thought the idea of writing the AI was a fun challenge so I did it anyway. I might write a post about the AI after the contest.

Though I’m not happy with the graphics/sound/music (bad, none, and none, respectively), I think I’m going to ignore those as casualties of my first LD experience.

Plan today:

* Eat more leftover pizza.
* Add the remaining device types to my solver (right now it only can “solve” levels with SOME device types from the game)
* Use the solver to help create the remaining levels
* Continue adding dialog. Maybe actually have a plot!
* Add a background texture to replace the dull “black” background.
* Add an intro screen.
* Add an intro screen for each level.

Time permitting:

* Eat more pizza

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