still fighting against css

Posted by (twitter: @gkrnours)
April 28th, 2013 6:52 am

some red, green and blue pixel


Why do you not listen to me CSS ? :fuuuuuu:

it’s not a gif because nothing is moving. The white bar shouldn’t be here. I’m telling it to be 0px high, chromium is making it 13px high. I tell it it should use the border box for size, it’s still 13px high. I tell it it’s important, it’s still 13px high. I’ll have to use another trick.

Else, you can see a few building and the main character, the white knight. Not featured here are the princess and the black pixel, which will be a wizard keeping the princess away from the white pixel. If I have time to do the story mode, it might be ok, there is a few surprise in the script. Else… well, it’s vu et revu. 

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