Plenty of time left…oh hang on

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April 28th, 2013 7:02 am

My sleep patterns in general are really badly screwed, so really late to bed this morning and up this afternoon. Better check how much time I’ve got left. Ah, 13 hours. Poo.

Even this alt text says it's too grey

It’s all a little grey isn’t it.

As you can see the title screen is in ( Or can you ? Shows fine in edit mode for me but not in the feed. Cosmic ). I didn’t use Starling for that as life is far too short, that’s old school Flash displayList action right there ( I guess I’ll do the HUD the same way ).
The player sprite is in now and seems to move ( In as much as a sprite fixed in the middle of the screen can move ) ok.

Still not got a handle on the gameplay. In my head it all feels epic, but in the swf it’s just a bland nothingness. Not sure if I go a kind of turn based ( But I’ll have to resize the map, it’ll take longer to traverse it than it did to code it ) or keep it twitchy.

Ok, let’s add some sprites and frame work structure for game complete / over and hope an idea just lands in my lap.


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