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April 28th, 2013 4:17 pm


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I finally finished my LD game Persist. It’s a platformer with simple graphics, I tried to aim for something similar to the night levels of Super Mario Bros on NES and used limited color palette. I also wanted to bring out the minimalism theme in the gameplay: The further you get in the game, the more of your various body parts and skills you lose. And the gameplay and traps keep changing along with them. Can you survive to the end of the road, when your whole existence is in danger of fading away?


Persist is a tale of small spirit trying to reach a mysterious goddess to seek for forgiveness for his past sins, so he can move on to higher plane of existence. Unfortunately, the goddess isn’t feeling very helpful, and the further you travel in her sanctuary, the more sacrifices she demands from you in form of your limbs. Lose your arms, and you can no longer swim. Lose your legs, and you can no longer jump. As you trek deeper into the dungeon, you lose your skills one by one, making your quest more and more dangerous.

Can you reach salvation? Or are you doomed to lose all hope, and your whole existence, in the deep and dark sanctuary?







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  1. JaJ says:

    That. Looks. Amazing.

    Can’t check it out now, but will later!

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