Pencils down? Pixel Dust is done!

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April 28th, 2013 7:01 pm

Ok, I’m as done as I’m going to get (maybe some IE tweaking later).

Here it is:

It’s a cross between Nonograms and Mastermind.  Not going to be my favorite game, but at least it’s the first one I finished.

Source code on github:



Screenshot from 2013-04-28 22:01:05


PS: In case it isn’t clear how this is “minimal” — I don’t know how much more minimal I can get than a game about putting color blocks on a canvas.  😉

Also, IE9 kind-of runs.  Firefox, Chrome seem to fare well on Linux and Windows.  I still can’t tell if Macs will work (don’t have one to test with).

PPS: Tools I ended up using:

  • Flask (Python)
  • Google App Engine
  • Bootstrap/jQuery w/Custom Theme
  • Color plugin to jQuery

I think that was it.  The rest was hand-rolled.

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