“Outside the box” taking shape

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April 28th, 2013 3:18 am

Hello darers!

Our game has a name (hurray!) AND graphics (yay!) AND an ever-growing code behind it (yippie!) AND some music (Woooot!).

Everyone is working hard to make it a success, and so far, I must say things are looking good for us!

What will “Outside the box” be like?┬áNope, I heard you at the back, not a puzzle as the title could suggest, but a good ol’ J-RPG.

The story :

Everything begins in the small village of N among which live our two main protagonists : Nel and Nod. They’re both youngsters and are surrounded by adults scolding them all the time, telling them to respect conforming rules they don’t agree with.

Those two have friends, Nus and Nad, for whom the big day as come : the day of their coming of age ceremony. N the Wise, head of the village, directs the ceremony and forbids anyone to reveal what’s truly behind it.

When Nus and Nad’s ceremony is over, Nod and Nel undertstand the ceremony is not just a symbolic tradition : it changes people, it turns them into the exact copy of all the other grown-ups in the village, without a personnality, discarding ‘friendship’ as something unimportant. Nel and Nod know that if they stay, they’ll have no choice but to go through the ceremony, so there’s only one solution : escape, and find a better place to live.

(…to be continued)

Some pics :









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  1. Tao says:

    The black and white was a nice touch

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