Minimalism: punishment turned blessing

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April 28th, 2013 5:04 pm

Finishing this game feels especially good to me. At first I backed out of Ludum Dare because I was a bit busy and couldn’t think of anything for “minimalism.” My partner backed out as well. Because I no longer had a partner to work with, I decided to enter the compo rather than the jam, so my time so finish was quite drastically condensed into a matter of hours. Instead of spending time going back and forth discussing artwork and ideas, I spent that time polishing (although the movement in the game is a bit strange, I can assure you it’s a feature). The game was finished in a total of four to five man hours rather than the 20+ a partner and I would have spent (and have spent) on a different theme. At first I hated the theme minimalism. I would have preferred potatoes (or maybe kittens). I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t too much of a clone of another game, so I backed out. Last night, I thought of a game that would fit, but I was busy this morning, so the idea would have to wait until this afternoon. That is when I started, at around 4:00 (EST). I finished at around 7:20, so this project had to be condensed a lot. I do think for the amount of time I spent there is quite a good amount of polish. View my entry here: ‘moeba

see that amoeba? I wonder where the game got its name

a gameplay screenshot

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