Unexpectedly useful things

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April 28th, 2013 11:30 pm

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Now that Ludum Dare is in judging phases, here are a few tools I found extremely useful…when I least expected it:

Fossil, and its Ticket Tracker

Fossil in a version control much like Subversion.  In fact, it’s commands are nearly identical to SVN, yet has the advantage of a Distributed Revision Control (e.g. offline commit support).  But every programmer knows Version Controls are important!  No, I’m going to talk about a feature that I honestly didn’t expect any use out of: its built-in ticket support.


Ignoring the ugly HTML v1.0 visuals, this thing is just…clumsy.  Nonetheless, I found myself using this over Google Task.  Why?  Well, it loads fast, and I can indicate if I did or didn’t feel like fixing things.

Garage Band…on the iPhone

This is iPhone’s piano. It’s very tiny.


This is iPhone, with orchestral strings, on auto-play.


Life became so much easier, since.

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  1. Crynix says:

    Any reason you used Fossil over Git?

    • Taro Omiya says:

      Yes, a few. Originally, I was sold on the built-in wiki and ticket tracker (both with offline support), but was later satisfied with its conveniences. Commit pushes your changes into the server automatically online, and addremove recursively find unversioned files to add and deletes missing files automatically. Plus, the repository is just one file, making it very portable.

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