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April 28th, 2013 12:41 pm

Look like I’m out.

I love what I have done. You can take a look at Pixel Love Quest!¬†at this link. But as cool as it look, their is still no gameplay. I was simply unable to get the motivation to add some. Certainly because the idea simpy doesn’t work and I known it since the beginning.

I’ve fixed myself on a few rules since the¬†beginning. Three kind of unit and ground, Red, Green, Blue, plus a neutral gray ground. Unit need to be of the right color to go through. Each kind of unit can beat another one.
The combat system should have been minimalist. Red erase Green but can do nothing against Blue. Simply that can’t work. Weakness in trio work pretty well. But if you require some color to get through, then I have serious doubt.
There was also the “source” system. You could turn 9 unit, the maximum a cell can accept, into a generator for unit. But what if you put a Green source on a Green ground ? Red can walk on Green ground. Stuck.

Theses mechanics doesn’t work. I have set these in stone since the beginning and I realize I’ve been pushing this stone since then. I have some nice graphics. I have some elements for a story I really like. I have a nice gui. But my non-implemented game mechanics sucks. So rather than submitting a non-game, I’ll simply pass this time.

Maybe I’ll try some other mechanics on it later.

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