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So here ends an awesome first LD, and I’m both satisfied and unsatisfied with the results. I’ll just share some thoughts I had during the competition in no significant order:

  • It appears that I saw the process as a technological challenge rather than a game development challenge. In that aspect I might have succeeded, but I really think the game should have been more fun.
  • I felt the theme really hindered me. Saying “It’s ASCII and Batch, isn’t that enough minimalism already” seemed to me like “the easy approach”. It got to the point that several times I was answering “Should I add this and that?” With “No, they’re really cool and won’t look minimalistic at all”. In retrospect that might have been a big mistake.
  • The walls closing in on you was a game mechanic from a very (very) early version, and it was really creepy at the time. I couldn’t let go of it, and it probably hindered me even more than the theme.
  • I think the ASCII animations were kinda cute, especially the punching and kicking ones. :)
  • Making them was also one of the highlights.
  • Coding this was a wonderful adventure. It was a process of rewriting every piece of code a few times so performance is reasonable. FYI if you try to implement an efficient algorithm in Batch you’re doing it wrong. If you’re trying to implement ANY algorithm in batch, you’re doing it wrong. The code just looks horrible.
  • I’m really satisfied with my take on sound :)
  • Time management wasn’t a big issue, Even though I haven’t slept too much, my parents came for a visit, I went out for a few hours and still wasn’t stressed.
  • Batch was fun, but if I do this again some time, I should definitely pick something else.

That’s it, I hope everybody learned as much as I did and had double the fun :)

See you in the next competition!


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